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How Old is Too Old for a Baby to Get Newborn Photos

This is a question I get asked a lot especially with many families having had their babies during lockdown. Ideally photographers tend to schedule a newborn photo session when a newborn is around 10 days old. This is to capture those fresh and tiny shots, the younger the newborn they tend to be more sleepy and they curl into those adorable poses. They also seem to not mind as much to having their clothes off as long as they are kept warm.

However, every newborn is different, they all have their own little personalities. Sometimes older babies 6-12 weeks old could be in a more established routine with feeds, sleeping and are used to the noises around them. They also make THE best facial expressions and have their eyes open a lot more.

I have come to the conclusion that every age of a baby's life is the perfect time to capture some long lasting memories of how little and precious they are. Babies change so much throughout their first year of their life, having photographs to look back on is a lifetime investment.

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